Published books


The book of experimental tests includes 30 tests on different terrains and different altitude levels, which deals with the knowledge of the geometry of the terrains and types of crossings. In the past several courses of the architectural design exam, the plots in this book have been very similar to the plots presented in the exam. Therefore, after practicing the 30 tests of this book, you will master the placement of stairs and elevators and solving the parking lot in a short time

Unsaid design architecture test

Unsaid book of design architecture exam

In 18 chapters, it answers questions that may arise during the course of working on architectural design topics, such as:

  1. Answer to the ambiguities of topic 4

  2. Sloping roof

  3. How the requested areas are

  4. Villa design

  5. Time management

  6. Types of multi-arm stairs and their use

  7. How to calculate different areas

Description and design of engineering system tests

The book on the description and design of engineering system exams deals with the set of questions from 1987 to the last exam held.

The following are the important features of this book:

  1. The answers are drawn as AutoCAD maps for more accuracy in displaying the sizes.

  2. In the process of designing each test, technical points, drawing points, regulation points, calculation points of Shibrah and resuming and design are given in the relevant boxes.

  3. The most important feature of this book is that the designs are done step by step.

  4. To understand the beam structure, maps are drawn at the end of each test.

Basics of architectural design

Illustrating the fourth topic of national regulations is one of the concerns of architectural engineers, which has been realized in the first chapter of this book, and also the design process of residential architecture has been analyzed in detail in this book and in several chapters.

Nowadays, the importance of designing with free hand or ASICS is not hidden from architects, so that it can be used in the design test of engineering system to increase the speed. One of the features of this method is sketching and fast design, which every architect as a designer should be able to handle. Brushing here should be scale-dominant to help introduce the design more precisely

Executive details of the building

This book contains executive details of different parts of the residential building. Candidates are required in the supervision architecture and execution architecture exam (about 10 questions out of 60 questions) and in some courses of the design architecture exam.

In the design test of the past years, questions about the execution details of the building have been asked in the form of drawings

15 years of Essex architecture

The experience of raising various architectural design issues or sketches and working on them can lead to the mastery of architects in different design fields. This book is an excuse to practice different topics in different contexts, along with solved examples to give ideas

Composition and sheeting

The art of composition is constant in all creations of works of art and has differences only in details and methods of work. In this book, you can learn all kinds of composition methods and use them in painting, photography and other arts, including architecture

Principles of facade design

The book of principles of facade design has multiple applications, so that it is useful both for facade designers who do facade projects in the cities of Iran, and for participants in the engineering system design exam. On the other hand, this book can be useful in architecture schools and especially architectural design courses