Golshahr Mosque competition

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  • December 13, 2022
Portfolio Description

Mecca is the only direction that mosques are required to be oriented to and Given the geographical location of Iran, this direction is towards southwest.
The orientation towards the Muslim Qiblah is also considered in the design of the Golshahr Mosque in Karaj.

Design axes:
In general, three axes can be considered for mosques designs: a dominant, central main axis indicating the direction of the qibla which the hierarchy of space is in line with.
And also two sub axes, one perpendicular to the main axis, and the other with 45 degrees from the minor axis, which is placed along the corners of the courtyard or nave of the mosque.
In the design of the Golshahr Mosque, the minarets are placed at the entrance of the nave, and the dome and the qibla are aligned with the main axis.

By placing the entrance along with the central, qibla axis, like other mosques in Iran, it is possible to enter the nave from the behind of the prayers without disturbing their queues and concentration.

Elements of the mosque (minarets and dome):
Minarets and dome are the integral elements and main  design symbols of the mosque. Here are, two modern minarets placed at the beginning of the main axis emphasizing the entrance of the mosque, and within these minarets, the abstract dome of the mosque is framed.

Abstract dome:
The dome’s form in the world architecture, is a volumetric hemisphere that over the years, has been changed in its form and numbers in some Muslims mosques.
Considering the fact that the forms change over the course of time and according to the spirit of time, the use of domes constructed several centuries ago in the mosques does not have the suitable spirit of time in the 21st century. Therefore, in the design of the Golshahr Mosque in Karaj, instead of a positive and protruding volume, it has been tried to use the empty volume that attracts the sight by the contrast of the colors.

Multifunctional mosque:
The shape of the mosque’s ceiling allows the user to perform various functions. It seems that this form of mosque can be used in many places. Whether it’s for a person needs to rest, such as an academic setting or a valuable building sight.

A Different sky line:
By Orienting towards the top, the feeling of ascension to the sky is the first effect that comes to mind from the general form of the mosque, and by creating a staircase form, each point of the ceiling in term of position, differs from the next point and is a different space and seems to encourage arising and approaching God.